In keeping with Colin Craig's dedication to academic excellence and devotion to cycling and skiing, a scholarship of $1000.00 is awarded each year to a worthy student in good academic standing who is enrolled at Montana State University (Bozeman) or the University of Montana (Missoula). This student must also actively pursue and promote cycling or skiing in the state.

The Fund welcomes applications from all eligible students, in any discipline or field, who have not previously received a CCMF award. Evaluation of applications will be based on academic merit, planned studies, cycling and skiing activites, and support for the communities built around these interests.

To be considered, students should forward a formal letter of application to the CCMF Scholarship Committee at the email address below. In this letter, applicants should note the following:

current enrollment at Montana State University or the University of Montana
current year and course of study
current GPA
academic honors or awards
current and future educational plans
past and current cycling or skiing participation
past and current service in support of the cycling or skiing communities in Montana

Additionally, please include full contact information (address, email, and telephone) so that the committee may notify applicants when the scholarship has been awarded.

All application letters should be submitted as email attachments (in PDF or Microsoft Word format) to:

2016 Application Timeline
Scholarship application deadline is 30 July 2016.
Scholarship decision will be made by 1 September 2016.
Scholarship funds will be distributed by 30 September 2016

Electronic distribution via PayPal is the preferred method of distribution.

Any questions or information requests should be directed to CCMF Information.

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